Promo Tool

Work with music differently.

Promotion Is Essential

Promotion is an essential part of making and distributing music. Once your music is available online, you need to do some work to make sure people find it and listen to it. We’re here to help with that. At Move Music, we have a unique combination of expertise in marketing and music, as well as cutting-edge technology, all of which come together to give you the most powerful promotion engine available. We’re proud to say that our advanced Music Promotion Service provides unique, exciting opportunities to artists and labels like you.

Great Promo Features

While we offer several different promotion packages that you can opt to purchase at a premium, we believe promotion is so important for everyone that we also offer a free package to all of our music distribution clients. Our Music Promotion Service allows you to create customizable promo pages to showcase your work, as well as full analytics reports and smart integrations. We also make it easy for you to upload and sort an unlimited amount of contacts, so that you can send targeted messaging to different people in your network. Once your promo campaign and contacts are ready, our Advanced Delivery System makes sure that it ends up in all the inboxes you want. Promoting your music can feel like a daunting task, but not with Move Music. We’re here with you to make sure you get the most out of this important step.

How It Works

With robust functionality, our promo tool gives you the powerful, easy-to-use features that you need to get your music out there. We know from experience that one of the best ways to promote your music is by word of mouth, so we make it simple to leverage your personal network. To get started, import your list of contacts: DJs, producers, influencers, tastemakers, friends, and anyone else you want to include.

One Click, Thousands of Recipients

Once your contacts have been uploaded, easily organize them into different lists so that you can send out your promo material to targeted recipients. What’s more, Move Music makes your promotion a constructive, productive two-way street, allowing your recipients to listen to your release, then rate it and give feedback in return for a download.

Valuable Feedbacks

That feedback doesn’t just provide helpful information for you. It also provides valuable content for when you fill out our Custom Feature Request Form (see below). Our marketing team will then use this content to create rich fact sheets that help us pitch your music for feature placement in digital music stores. We carefully designed this process of release, feedback, and pitching to give your music the maximum chance of getting priority placement and exposure in music stores. It’s a simple process that sets you up for success.

Custom Feature Request Form

One of the best ways to get your music heard is by having it featured prominently on a digital music store. To help you accomplish that, we include a Custom Feature Request Form as part of our promo tool package. It’s fully integrated, so you don’t need to do any extra legwork to get started.

Easy To Use

Here’s how it works: you fill out the form with all the important information about you and your music. This includes your personal information, information about your label, your social following on different platforms, and the feedback you received from your promo material.
Once you’ve filled out the form, it’s served to the leading marketing services. It’s also reviewed by the dedicated Move Music marketing team, who use it as a reference to pitch your music. With the information you provide in the form, our team will craft an engaging, persuasive pitch that they’ll send to key online stores to help your music get exposure. That might mean playlist placement, banners, feature spotlights, and more.

A feature in a digital store can be the thing that propels your music to the next level. Our Custom Feature Request Form is the first step toward making that happen.