Music Link

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Music Link Solution

How Does Music Link Works?

Music Link Solution makes it easy for a fan to find all your music and other content in one place. With all of today’s music streaming platforms, smart speakers, mobile music apps, and more, music is incredibly scattered these days. Artists need one central place where they can put everything. Music Link Solution provides that place.

Easier Access to Music Stores

By using this add-on service, you can create a sleek landing page where you can add all the music store links you choose. From YouTube to Pandora to Deezer to whatever else you want to include, all the platforms you want can be added to your landing page using our Music Link Solution.

Getting Closer to Fans

By taking advantage of this feature, you allow your fans to quickly and easily select their streaming or download platform of choice, and start listening. And when it’s easier for people to listen, they listen more. It’s as simple as that.