How To Sell Music On YouTube?

Work with music differently.

About YouTube

With almost two billion monthly users, YouTube is one of the most popular websites out there. And because it hosts videos of all kinds, it’s also an excellent place for musicians to showcase their music, whether through a full-on music video, a recorded set, or straight audio with some simple graphics as images. But how can you actually make money from the music you put on YouTube? There are two ways, and Move Music will help you with both of them.

Making Money on YouTube with YouTube Content ID

Content ID is a fingerprinting system that allows you to find instances of your music being used in other people’s YouTube content. It’s simple: you just upload a reference file (aka your music), and YouTube Content ID will find places where people are using that particular piece of music in their own videos.

Once you’ve identified your music in another creator’s content, you have two choices. You can opt to protect your music, which blocks your content from being used by other people. Alternately, you can opt to monetize your music. With this latter choice, YouTube will run ads against your content, and you’ll receive revenue from it — even though it’s actually on someone else’s YouTube channel.

Making Money Directly on Free YouTube and YouTube Premium

You can also make money directly from your content on YouTube, via advertisements. The way it works is that ads will run against your content, and you’ll receive a certain amount of money based on how many people watch or click on the ads. The amount will vary based on the advertiser, but the average amount is $0.18 per view.

The catch here is that you can’t start making money off ads until you join the YouTube Partner Program, and in order to join the Partner Program you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.

Another way to make money directly on YouTube is through YouTube Premium. This is a subscription service that users pay for to watch YouTube videos without any ads. YouTube Premium is a nice way for musicians to add a second revenue stream, since you’ll receive a certain amount of revenue from Premium membership fees based on how many Premium subscribers watch your content.

As you can see, there are multiple different ways that you can leverage YouTube to make money from your music. With the Move Music Platform, we make it super easy for you to start tapping into this revenue stream. Our simple, fast delivery platform ensures that your music is optimized for YouTube, and we deliver it to YouTube, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Content ID for you. Just create your album or EP, set the release date, and we’ll take care of it!