How To Sell Music On Spotify?

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How To Sell Music On Spotify?

When you’re trying to make money or a name for yourself in the music industry, you have to do well on Spotify. It’s a powerful service with a massive audience and huge library, which makes it both incredibly desirable and incredibly competitive. With the help of Move Music, you can rise above the competition to sell your music on Spotify.

The Spotify Landscape and How to Stand Out

Spotify is perhaps the most popular music streaming and digital download platform available, with over 113 million users and more than 30 million songs in the library. That means two things: first, there’s a huge potential audience for you. And second, you need to take steps to help your music stand out from the crowd and start generating money for you. When it comes to selling your music on Spotify, there are a few best practices that everyone should abide by. One of the biggies is that you should try to get a verified Spotify profile. This lends you extra credibility for your fans. It’s also a good move to reach out to playlist curators. Look for popular playlists with music that align with yours, and contact the people who created them to see if your music could be added or included in a future playlist.

How Move Music Helps You Sell Music on Spotify

Beyond the two steps outlined above, most individual musicians or producers don’t have much they can do to help their music sell on Spotify. Fortunately, when you use Move Music, we provide an extra leg up. First, because we’re completely cloud-based, your music will be delivered to the Spotify library almost immediately. Second, Move Music is specifically designed for Spotify, so your files will always be optimized and in the right format. And third, our Custom Feature Request Form gives you the perfect format and prompts to effectively pitch Spotify playlists for featured playlists, upping the odds that you get a “yes.” We provide all the tools and instructions, making it incredibly easy for you to take full advantage of this powerful, popular music store.

Leverage Our Features

We know that you can’t just put your music on Spotify and expect the fans to find you — we know it takes work to get your music seen and heard within this overcrowded library. And with that knowledge, as well as our industry expertise and relationships, we help your music thrive on Spotify.