How To Sell Music On Beatport?

Work with music differently.

What Is Beatport and Who Is It For?

If you’re an electronic musician or electronic music producer, Beatport is where you want to be. Back in 2004, they decided to completely stop including other genres in their library, focusing exclusively on DJs, EDM, house, trance, and other electronic music. That decision has proved to be a good one for them. While most people have virtually stopped downloading music, opting instead for streaming services, Beatport actually saw its download sales increase by 8% in 2018, with most of those sales going to independent artists. That’s incredible news for emerging electronic musicians and producers looking to make a name for themselves and start selling music.

Focus On Dance Music

But the catch is that Beatport is very serious about its genre focus. That means it’s a truly great spot for electronic artists, but artists in other genres should not attempt to get their music on Beatport. In fact, to get your music on the platform, it has to go through an audio check to make sure that it fits their genre requirements.

How Move Music Helps You Sell Music on Beatport

Because Beatport takes such pride in the music it features, the bar is a little higher when it comes to getting your music on the platform. Normally, they require that artists give their label managers a fair amount of stuff before they’ll accept music. That stuff includes a 6-month release schedule plus promotional and marketing materials, proof of an online presence (like a website, social media following, newsletter, etc), a repertoire of relevant artists and remixers, and DJ testimonials for your previous releases and promotions.

It’s a lot of work to gather all of that together, and many talented artists don’t have all of those elements. Don’t worry — when you use Move Music, we help you get your music on Beatport even if you don’t meet the requirements outlined above. How? Because we have an excellent relationship with Beatport’s label managers, and we’ll work with them directly on your behalf. When your music comes with our stamp of approval, it lends your label extra credibility and gives gatekeepers confidence that your music is right for Beatport. Move Music is also specialized for Beatport, meaning your music will sound perfect on the platform and fit all the audio requirements.

Once your music is on Beatport, we’ll help you get it featured in banners and playlists through our Promo Tool. In turn, these features and playlists are what will drive your sales.Beatport is the best place to sell music for electronic artists, but it can be tough to get into. With Move Music, you don’t have to worry — we’ll get your music on there, and make sure it gets heard.