Digital Music Distribution

Work with music differently.

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How Digital Distribution Works?

You create the music. We will do the rest.

We want your music to be heard by as large an audience as possible, so we put powerful technology and strong industry relationships behind our distribution platform. Our modern app has an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use, so you can pass off the technical side of distribution to us, and go back to focusing on your music.

Simple Process

The process is super simple. When you create an album or EP, you’ll set a release date, and when that release date comes, we’ll distribute it. That’s when our Advance Multiplatform Delivery system kicks in using nimble, cloud-based technology, we deliver your digital music files to all the digital download and streaming services worldwide. In a matter of moments, your music will be available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Beatport, Apple Music, and many others.

Leverage Our Features

On top of the instant delivery, you’ll also benefit from our strong, direct relationships with the most prominent digital download and streaming services. That means that your music will get the best conditions possible once it hits the stores.

To allow clients to capitalize on our wide distribution, we also provide helpful marketing and promotion opportunities through the Move Music platform. Once your music is out there, use our integrated Custom Feature Request form and targeted outreach functionality to give your music an extra boost.